Posted on March 10th, 2010 at 11:56 PM by Randolf

South Africa Rocks at is a grassroots initiative to spread positive news and hope for South Africa. The site is a brainchild of Nic Haralambous and the awesome design is done by Mark Forrester.

“After reading the incredibly upsetting anti-SA blogs from expats around the world I decided to make a stand. This blog is that stand. I am standing up for all the good in SA. For all the great things that SA citizens do and for all the people who love this country. I love this country and I believe in it and the success that is soon to come.
SA Rocks is not a website dedicated to blindly praising South Africa. I understand that every country has flaws and I do not deny the flaws of South Africa. I do feel that there are enough people who berate our country and it’s time for people to start acting and thinking positively about South Africa. Please feel free to send your idea of what a Rocking SA is.”
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